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For many years, my studio, 'SW-Design' has been the region's number one choice for tattoos and creative design


atelier.jpgSome people are criticised for sometimes putting the cart before the horse. That's just about how I feel if someone asks me whether my workshop and and all its contents are finally complete.


metamurban_zeitreise.jpgMetamurban – a new name, my neologism to name my style, to make it concrete. Metamurban – a combination of 'metamorphosis' and the English word 'urban'.
Metamurban simultaneously stands for the transformation of my creative work deep within and for the urban, cultural manmade structure in which we all dwell. It stands for life, street art, comics, mainstream, progress, but also for the decay that we all are exposed to.


The only way to arrange a tattoo appointment is by email. 
Please do not contact me via any other kinds of social media (WhatsApp, Facebook etc)

Arranging an appointment

Send me an email with the following details:

  1. Your name, age and telephone number
  2. A short description of your requests
  3. A photo of the area of your body where you would like the tattoo
  4. If possible, send photos relating to your idea

Arrange an appointment


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